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Around Arizona: Top 5 Dog-Friendly Establishments

When I moved to Arizona, I couldn't believe how dog-friendly it was! Dog parks everywhere, dog-friendly apartment rentals, dog-influenced events, dog-approved hiking trails....but most prevalent are the restaurants, grills, coffee shops and breweries that not only welcome pups with open arms, but treat them like royalty! Here are my top 5 and all are Cricket approved!

No 5

Snooze A.M. Eatery

With multiple locations around Arizona, Snooze makes doing brunch with your pooch a weekend tradition! Their dog-friendly patios welcome pups with open arms, bringing water bowls and extra love and attention. And what dog doesn't love the possibility of some of that bacon dropping off your plate for them to catch under the table. Or just be like Cricket and eat AT the table. They don't mind making a place-setting for your dog at all! And for the humans - make sure to try the pancake flight or benny duo. Both are matches made in brunch heaven.

No 4

The Secret Garden Café

Tucked away in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village in Sedona, this hidden gem caters to pups and their humans alike. Their dog-friendly patio is warm and inviting - even offering blankets for the colder days and hungry dogs can order a doggy burger patty, sliced turkey or a chicken patty! The front lawn is a great place to wait for a table in the shade under the trees while the pup plays. It's our favorite spot to stop in for a bite after a day of hiking or shopping in Sedona!

No 3

Barley Hound

My first visit to Barley Hound I knew it would be a place we'd return to every time we spent a weekend in Prescott. Located right in the heart of the city near Courthouse Plaza and Whiskey Row, a day exploring puts you within walking distance to this delicious local's favorite that puts your dog as the center of attention. I watched dog-parents bringing dog beds and setting their pups up for comfort across the beautiful patio. And the doggy meal on the menu is served on a Barley Hound frisbee for the pup to take home. And I should mention the food is impeccable.

No 2

Walter Station Brewery

Not only do they love dogs, but this Phoenix brewery loves them so much they have created limited edition brews and hold special fund-raising events to support local rescue pups. Bring your pup and kick back for an afternoon of local brews, mouth-watering pizza and some live entertainment and see why this one lands so high on our list!

No 1

O.H.S.O. Brewery & Distillery

Another great spot with multiple locations in the Valley, I have to highlight their Gilbert location here at number one. With the new addition of the park, a new outdoor playground for adults, kids and pups - complete with a dog park - this spot is DOG HEAVEN. The moment you walk in they ask your dog's name, write it on a doggy-water dish and complete the welcome with fresh-made local dog biscuits! It's so dog-friendly that being there without a dog seems weird. With special events like Puppies & Pints and Thursday nights and cozy outdoor seating to watch the game on a giant theater screen, you can't go wrong with this O.H.S.O. location. And humans - order the PBJ burger and thank me later.

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