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True Life: I Got a Matching Tattoo with Dad

Fun Fact: My Dad is a beekeeper! And while he only sells his honey locally in North Idaho, it's some of the best I've ever had. He loves his bees. In fact, he's become downright passionate about his hives. So it wasn't surprising to me when he asked what I thought of him getting a honeybee tattoo. And I felt ridiculously special when he asked if I'd get one with him.

Finding a tattoo artist was a struggle. The first guy I asked didn't do tattoos under $300 and what I'd asked for wasn't his style. But I was surprised when he also said he wouldn't give recommendations. "Go look on Yelp," was his mantra.

I felt defeated but tried again. The second shop kept saying they'd have someone call me, but days kept passing and Dad's arrival was getting close so I gave up on them.

Another artist gave me a recommendation for someone in their shop but by then we both kind of decided we wanted to wing it. I know, crazy to do with permanent ink but my gut told me we'd find the perfect place that wouldn't judge us by our simple ask.

I found a "walk-ins always welcome" spot in the East Valley and something told me....this is it.

We walked in fully expecting to do just a consultation and book an appointment for a future date and a wonderful artist who just happened to come in on a vacation day said he'd take us. So to Billy at InkBomb Tattoos in Mesa - THANK YOU. He made us feel so welcome. His work was impeccable. The shop was adorned with airplanes purchased from a veteran going through a hardship who was a regular at the shop to help him in his time of need. They even have a gumball machine of tattoos you can get if you are feeling super adventurous!

Dad and I were in and out in under two hours for both of us and it also didn't break the bank. And you better believe they have a client for life in me.

I have a feeling this won't be Dad's last either. Moral of the story - bee kind. Bee humble. Bee respectful. And most of all BEE YOU. And life is short. Get the tattoo.

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