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Experience Superior, AZ: Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Experience Superior: Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Distance: You decide!

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Dog Friendly: Yes!

Kid Friendly: VERY

Permit/Pass Required: Yes, it is $15 for general admission, $5 for kiddos, $0 for members and FREE for medical professionals!

Getting There: See Map

Tips: Bring the family, the stroller, the dog and your childlike sense of wonder! This hidden gem has a little something for everyone. If you plan on doing the High Trail make sure to wear appropriate footwear as it can be a bit steep and rocky. Otherwise the majority of trails are flat and easily maneuverable. Check the hours before you go as they change depending on the time of year.

About the Arboretum: The botanical gardens boast 392 acres of beautiful landscapes, 3,900 different species of plants and is open year round with the park changing with each season. I've been lucky enough to visit at different times of the year and every time the landscape changes bringing something new to look at! I highly recommend going in spring when there is water running through the creek and the saguaro start to bloom!

Don't miss the new Wallace Desert Garden! This 13-acre beauty is situated by Queen Creek and offers remarkable views of Picketpost Mountain and the Superstitions. You can even book a private tour to get an even more in-depth look at this incredible new addition to the Arboretum.

Don't forget binoculars as the birds will welcome you with their beautiful song (my last visit I was lucky enough to see multiple bright red cardinals dancing and flying through the Saguaros). There is even a pond to explore and plenty of shade to sit and take in the beauty of this remarkable oasis in the desert. Bring a lunch and enjoy the day use area for a picnic and spend the day ooooh-ing and awe-ing at some of Arizona's best flora and fauna! And don't miss their plant sales - I couldn't pass up the most beautiful hand-painted pot filled with my favorite succulents to take with me on my way out the gates.

This week's experience brought to you by Visit Superior, Adventure, Elevated.

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