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Once Upon a Time...There was a Fox: A story of kindness.

Once upon a time, there was a Fox.

She was a beautiful Fox, both inside and out. An outsider would look at her and her piercing gold eyes, silky rust-colored fur and white, glistening smile and assume she was quite the happy Fox as well. She lived in a beautiful burrow, decorated with only the best organic mud and greenery. She had friends throughout the forest she called home and hosted gatherings for all of them - no matter what the species. Love radiated from her corner of the forest and everyone could feel the vibration.

This Fox we shall call Kit.

It was just another average day and a little bunny came knocking on the door of her burrow. 

"Miss Kit, I have an owie!" Exclaimed the little Bunny. 

Kit took the little ball of fur under her arm and led her to the kitchen, serving her soup made of only the most wholesome ingredients. It warmed his belly and calmed his nerves as she evaluated the wound. The Bunny had a thorn stuck in his heel, which made it quite difficult to hop. Kit carefully removed the thorn and dressed the wound with a magical band-aid full of love and light, guaranteed to make the Bunny feel much better. And she sent him on his way.

Later on that day, she received another knock on the door followed by a sequence of chirps. In hopped a Bluebird telling of her strained wing. Some of the other woodland creatures had been teasing her and speaking ill of her and held her back as she tried to fly away, leaving her injured. Kit wrapped the Bluebird up in her arms and sang to her as she massaged the wing back to working condition. Then she dressed the wound with a magical band-aid of love and light and sent the Bird on her way.

As night fell a mouse scurried through the crack under the door of Kit's burrow. The Mouse quietly stole some of the ingredients used to make the wholesome, healing soup and had almost made it back out unnoticed when Kit placed her paw in front of the crack. In horror, the Mouse raised it's guilty eyes to meet Kit's. Expecting to see anger and quite possibly be used in the soup herself, the mouse was quite relieved to find Kit smiling down at her. The Fox then pushed a large piece of freshly baked bread toward the Mouse with her nose and looked directly at her. 

"You're always welcome here," she said softly. "All you have to do is ask." 

It was then Kit noticed the cut above the little Mouse's eye and asked that she take a look. She dressed it up with a magical band-aid of love and light and sent the no-longer hungry Mouse on her way.

The next day there was another knock at the door. But there was no answer. The little Bunny leaned back and used his freshly-healed hind foot to rapidly thump on the door once more. Slowly, the door to the burrow was opened. A Bear peaked his head out and asked if he could help the Bunny. 

"I'm here to see Miss Kit!" exclaimed the Bunny. "I want to tell her thank you for fixing my foot!"

The Bear's face grew sad as he invited the Bunny inside.

"Come. Sit." He said.

"Miss Kit can't see you today, Little Bunny."

"Why?" He responded with concern.

"You see, Miss Kit had an owie that needed fixed herself, but she gave away her last band-aid of love and she is struggling to heal"

The Bunny bowed his head and with his ears pressed firmly against his back he regretfully left the burrow. He found the Bluebird and he found the Mouse and told them of Kit's suffering.

"I had no idea!" Announced the Bluebird. "She always seems so happy and full of life!"

"I accepted her last band-aid," cried the Mouse. "I assumed she had looked as if she had all the supplies she needed in her beautiful burrow..."

Together the three joined forces and gathered up all of the woodland creatures who had been loved by Kit the Fox. And together they wove a blanket of branches and flowers and they filled it with love. And they filled it with light. 

Knock, knock.

"Who's there?" The gruff voice of the Bear could be heard through the door.

"We are here to see Miss Kit!" A multitude of voices responded.

The door slowly opened and a weak, yet still stunning fox appeared. In front of her, a family of woodland creatures stood, each holding the edge of the most beautiful blanket she had ever seen. They wrapped it around her delicate shoulders.

The blanket was filled with enough love and light that Kit's energy quickly returned, and her wound began to heal. 

"Come in friends, let me serve you some soup...."

One upon a time there was a fox...

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