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I (Finally) Got Goated

I got goated!

I've been in radio for a long time. And one thing I've always hoped for was to be "goated" by the Wishing Star Foundation. I've campaigned. I've begged on air. I've posted on social media. But no goats. (Side note: I've also begged my parents for a pet goat since I was 15 and my neighbor got one...they have also never complied to my requests). 

So when I tell you that what happened to me today was one of the greatest moments of my existence...I'm not exaggerating. 

This morning.




Thank you to my friend Jenna who was kind enough to make sure this year didn't leave me disappointed. And thank you to Wishing Star for making not only MY wish come true but the wishes of eleven year old Caleb who will be benefiting from my traveling goat, Boog.

Photo Courtesy: Wishing Star Foundation

According to Wishing Star, "Caleb was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and has already had four major surgeries in his short lifetime...Wishing Star will do a makeover on his home that will allow for easier wheelchair accessibility and improve his overall quality of life."

Thank you Wishing Star, for helping change wish at a time. Even the little ones like mine. 

Sara Jean gets GOATED

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