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Sara Jean

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Adventures of SJ: Labor Day Weekend 2017

Yesterday, as I found my way up to the observation deck of my ferry, I looked across to see a woman likely twice my age securing her spot as well. The sight of her gave me comfort. Her long, brown hair was tangling in the wind. Her skin leathered from the sun and her eyes creased from years of laughter. She slipped her sandals off next to her and let her feet press against the heat of the deck. I watched as her hands opened to the misty breeze and her nose lifted to take in the salty air.

It was then I realized...I was looking at myself. The older, wiser version of the woman I was becoming. Frozen for that moment in time. Living in the present. Letting her senses consume her.

It was then that she looked over at me and our gazes caught each other. I, too, had my hands outstretched into the ocean air and my face pointed up toward the blazing sun. She smiled the most captivating of smiles and I returned the favor. And at that moment we both wiped a tear from our cheek.

Be it the wind? Perhaps. But in that moment I realized that she, too, was looking back at a version of herself. The young, wild carefree woman she once was and still remained.

And in that moment we both knew one thing. What an incredible feeling it was to be free.

~ SJ





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