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My Top Ten Watershed Memories

Those who have never called themselves a Shedder will never know the true meaning behind the word. 

It means family. Music. Sweat. America. Pride. Laughter. Memories. 

They'll never know what it's like to spend three (sometimes four) days in the desert, drinking a cold one out of a pink flamingo and slip and sliding down a dish-soap infused piece of plastic with perfect strangers. They'll never feel the way it feels to see your favorite artist that you KNOW will make it big, up close and personal on the Next From Nashville stage. They'll never create those friendships that last a lifetime and pick up right where they left off year after year. 

Here are my top ten memories from my Watershed weekends. Gonna be tough to beat this year!

No. 10: The LANco Bandanna

Last year LANco KILLED it on the Next from Nashville stage and this year they are set to do it again. I still have the bandanna they gave me and it's still unwashed and filthy.

LANco at Watershed 2016

No. 9: The Views

The Gorge

You better believe that was a broad category. Cowboy butts drive me NUTS!

No. 8: Survival

If you make it to Monday morning completely unscathed...I salute you.

No. 7: Brett Young Before He Was Big Time

You just never know what up-and-coming artists you'll be introduced to at Watershed on the Next from Nashville stage. And to think I was making fun of those pants! 

Brett Young at Watershed 2016
Brett Young at Watershed 2016

No. 6: Meeting the Notorious BOC

And watching him crowd surf! 

When I introduced myself he said, "Sara Jean, I know who you are.

I about pee'd my pants.

The MAN. They Myth. The LEGEND. He knew who I was. The next year he even got me out of Watershed jail...but that's another story.

BOC at Watershed 2015

No. 5: Backstage with DeeJay Silver

The man who gets you dancing between sets - not only at Watershed but on Jason Aldean's tour. 

From behind-the-scenes golf cart rides, hanging out at Thomas Rhett's tour bus and stalking his wife Lauren, artist tents, trailer food, dancing on the Next from Nashville stage, meeting my favorite country star and rides from Watershed jail, Silver definitely helped make my Watershed memories what they are today and for that I'll be forever grateful!

Photo: Gary Peterson
Backstage Snacks

No. 4: Campsite Shenanigans

No. 3: Keith Urban is Magic

When Keith Urban magically appears next to you in the pit, you HAVE to put it on the list of best memories.

Keith Urban Watershed 2016

No. 2: Meeting My Watershed Buddy

She crashed our campsite my first year and it was the best thing that could have ever happened. She's become not only my Watershed ride or die, but a lifelong PIC on the best friend front as well. 

Tawny, this one goes out to you!

Photo: Gary Peterson
Photo: Gary Peterson

No. 1: Sam HUNK

I became obsessed with his gritty music style after his Mixtape. Before he was a household name. When Bobby Bones was obsessed with "Speakers." I begged the universe for the shot at meeting him. I talked about it on-air. 

What was I Thankful for at Thanksgiving? Sam Hunt. What did I want for Christmas? Sam Hunt. What was my New Year's resolution? To meet Sam Hunt. Who was my dream Valentine? Sam Hunt? What did I hope I was lucky enough for St. Patrick to gift me with? Sam Hunt? Birthday gift? Sam Hunt. You get the point.

Dreams. Do. Come True.

And it all happens at Watershed.

Sam Hunt at Watershed 2015
Sam Hunt and DeeJay Silver at Watershed 2015

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