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TRUE LIFE: A Day In The Life Of A Radio Personality

You know me as the girl behind the microphone. I choose what you hear over the airwaves, what I share with you during my breaks. I also determine what you see of my life on social media. 

As  radio personalities we become brands. And sometimes that brand doesn't reflect what our lives are truly like when you look a little deeper. 

A friend surprised me the other day when he admitted he thought all I did was sit behind a microphone for a couple hours a day. He assumed my job ended in the early afternoon and that all I did was throw a disc in now and again and talk in between songs. 

I couldn't jock a disc to save my life - so no, I can't DJ your wedding. :)

So I got to thinking, how often do we ASSUME we know someone? What they do? How they spend their days? I couldn't tell you about what many of my friends' jobs entail. But I wish I could! So I decided to throw a day's worth of video together and edit it down to ten minutes. Well, I failed and got it down to a little over 12. Just to give you some insight on what this AMAZING job pays me to do! 

And in return, I'd love to know what YOU DO every day. I don't want to ASSUME! After all, it makes an ASS out of U and ME ;)

xoxo, SJ

A Day In The Life

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