Heart for the City helps at-risk kids with sports, gardening, scholarships!

Heart for the City is a unique program that provides assistance for at-risk youth in a variety of ways ranging from sports leagues to scholarships at Phoenix Christian High School, including vans to/from school. Executive Director Joe Eriquez was a high school Coach for years in Glendale and saw that there were a lot of kids who needed help. He formed Heart for the City to provide them guidance and support in a lot of different ways. They have a huge and ever-growing larger community garden where the kids can learn to grow things from the seed up and see the fruits of their labor. They can help in the Java Grounds coffee shop or take part in sports leagues. I really enjoyed my conversation with Joe for our Valley Views program. I hope you'll take a few moments and learn about this terrific organization and offer them a hand if you can.

Java Grounds has two locations, at 83rd Ave & Deer Valley and at Peoria City Hall. And the Heart for the City golf tournament is coming up April 26 at the 500 Club. You can also get tickets for the Shasta pool giveaway for $100. You could win a $29,000 new Shasta Pool! Details at www.heartforthecityaz.org

Heart for the City interview