Valor on 8th serves female veterans ... here's a great story!

Five years ago, a homeless shelter for women veterans was in danger of closing, so lobbyist Serah Blain announced that she would sleep on the streets until she raised enough money to keep the shelter open. She was joined by Arizona State Representative Mark Cardenas, who lived on the streets while fighting during the day for emergency funds for the shelter. They eventually raised over $20,000 but unfortunately the shelter closed anyway. For five years, that money has been held in trust by nonprofit organizations while Blain, Harris and Cardenas sought an organization that could put the money to its intended use: aiding women veterans facing homelessness with veteran-specific support services in a safe, secular housing community. With the opening of Save the Family Foundation’s Valor on 8th in Tempe in 2018, women veterans facing homelessness and other challenges were welcomed home. I recently spoke with Blain and Save the Family CEO Jacki Taylor about the wonderful services Valor on 8th is providing. Take a listen, then make a donation!

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