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*LIST* The Most Powerful Passports In The World

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Having a passport is essential for those who love to travel because it means they can go just about anywhere. But not all passports are created equal and they don’t all get you access to every country. A new report reveals the ones that give more global travel freedom than the rest.

The Henley Passport Index has just come out with their list of the most powerful passports in the world.

  • It’s based on data from the International Air Transport Association, the largest travel information database, and ranks 199 passports based on the number of countries their holders can visit visa-free, or get visas on arrival.
  • Topping the list for 2023 is Japan, with 193 countries, followed by Singapore and South Korea, whose passports allow travelers to access 192 countries freely.
  • The United States comes in at number seven, along with Belgium, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland, all with 186 countries.

Top 10 Most Powerful Passports for 2023

(click here for the complete list)

  1. Japan (193 countries)
  2. Singapore, South Korea (192 countries)
  3. Germany, Spain (190 countries)
  4. Finland, Italy, Luxembourg (189 countries)
  5. Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden (188)
  6. France, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom (187)
  7. Belgium, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, U.S. (186)
  8. Australia, Canada, Greece, Malta (185)
  9. Hungary, Poland (184)
  10. Lithuania, Slovakia (183)
  • At the bottom of the list, the least powerful passport this year belongs to Afghanistan, with just 27 countries, followed by Iraq with 29.

Source: CNN

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