Stars Shine On Met Gala Red Carpet

The Met Gala returned to New York City in all its glory last night. The theme for fashion’s biggest night was Glided Glamour and the stars did NOT disappoint. Both men and women sported corsets, padded hips, dragging trains, and puffy sleeves, harking back to the exaggerated silhouettes of the late 1800s. 

Here are some key moments…

  • Kim Kardashian wore the original, multimillion-dollar dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang, “Happy birthday, Mr. President,” for JFK. She even dyed her hair blonde. Kardashian reportedly changed into a replica once inside.
  • Fashion’s “mystery man” Fredrik Robertsson arrived in a dramatic outfit that was so Jared Leto infested that people briefly mistook him for the actor. Meanwhile, Jared and Alessandro Michele wore matching Gucci suits. 
  • Alicia Keys wore a cape celebrating New York’s union history. New York’s mayor, Eric Adams showed up on the red carpet wearing a jacket with decorative forearms and lapels that paid homage to the city’s transit system. The back of his coat read “End Gun Violence” in red lettering. 
  • The former secretary of state Hillary Clinton came in a dress inspired by friendship quilts inscribed with the names, she explained, of “gutsy women” of the 19th and 20th century liberation movements.
  • Riz Ahmed wore a T-shirt and worker’s shirt to elevate and celebrate working-class immigrants. Janelle Monáe promoted her sci-fi book. Blake Lively came as the Statue of Liberty.
  • Kylie Jenner gave her bridal gown a streetwear twist with a veil covering her backwards baseball cap. The outfit was designed by Off-White's late founder Virgil Abloh.
  • Megan Thee Stallion stunned in a gold dress with lace cutouts and a super high slit. 
  • Tessa Thompson's pink Carolina Hererra gown featured one of the evening's most dramatic trains. 
  • Cardi B wore a chain infested gown with matching gloves and a mountain of chains. She topped it off with a classic updo. 
  • And an engagement rounded off the night, when NYC cultural affairs commissioner Laurie Cumbo accepted a proposal from her partner Bobby Digi Olisa. The Metropolitan Museum of Art called in “an amazing moment on an amazing night”.

Source: CNN

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