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Is It Bad To Eat The Same Thing Every Day?

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Those obsessed with meal-prep, lovers of routine and folks who just don’t like cooking tend to have no problem eating the same dish day after day. And it makes sense since it saves time in the kitchen and at the grocery store. But is it okay to eat the same foods every single day? It turns out, no matter how tasty or healthy your favorite meal is, there are some potential downsides to having it on repeat.

These are the pros and cons of dining on the same thing all the time, according to registered dietitians.

The benefits of eating the same thing every day:

  • It gives you one less decision to make - Registered dietitian Molly Kimball points out that automating yourself by having your meals planned out for nights to come takes the guesswork out of meals and eliminates that stress of deciding what to eat after a full day of making decisions.
  • You may eat better - Waiting until later to figure out what to eat can lead to just grabbing what’s convenient, even if it’s not what you actually want. But if you already know what your meal will be, it’s more likely to be nutritious and balanced, according to registered dietitian nutritionist Abby Chan.
  • It’s easy - When you eat the same thing all the time, you don’t have to master new recipes very often.

Now for the downsides of eating the same thing every day:

  • It may not satisfy you emotionally - Kimball notes that sticking with a predetermined meal keeps you from satisfying the flavors and textures you’re in the mood for right now.
  • You may not get the variety of nutrients you need - If you don’t routinely switch up your ingredients, you’ll miss out on the full spectrum of micronutrients, even if you take a multivitamin.
  • You may get bored with it - After a while, even your favorite sandwich or smoothie bowl gets old.

Source: Shape

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