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The Slice App Picks Most Popular Pizza By State

Congress Allows Pizza To Be Considered Vegetable In School Lunches

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The Slice App is digging deep for National Pizza Day (which was actually yesterday), but they have done some serious research to find out what kind of pizza is the most popular in every state. The map showing every state’s favorite is here (and these are all over the place from Sicilian, deep dish, white, Hawaiian, meat lovers and Supreme) but they also have identified other trends regarding pizza that may surprise you.

Top Days To Order Pizza

  • Super Bowl Sunday
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Eve
  • New Year’s Eve

Other Findings

  • New York has the most pizza shops closing late (staying open after 9 p.m.)
  • West Virginia is the state where customers ask for the most ranch dressing with pizza
  • Massachusetts has the most pizza shops opening early
  • New Jersey offers the most gourmet toppings
  • Utah is the state where more people add pineapple to pizzas
  • California has more people ordering salads with their pizza

Grubhub recently revealed the most popular toppings of 2022 but here were the 2021 favorites.

  1. Pepperoni
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Extra Cheese
  4. Sausage
  5. Onions
  6. Bacon
  7. Black Olives
  8. Green Peppers
  9. Italian Sausage
  10. Meatballs

Pizza remains one of America’s favorite meals and The Slice app looks like its mission is to keep everyone up to date on their favorite pizzas.

SourceGuilty Eats

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