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Most Americans Think Food Is The Best Way To Someone’s Heart

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While there are a lot of things folks can do to romance a partner, for a lot of people a guaranteed way to gain the love of another is through food. 

A new Hello Fresh survey finds:

  • 79% of Americans believe food is the best way to someone’s heart.
  • 70% say cooking a meal for their partner is more intimate than having sex.
  • Food is so important to some that 43% of people say they’ve actually ended a relationship because their partner was a bad cook.

And if you’re single, the ability to cook may also help you snag a date.

  • In fact, three quarters of those surveyed say they’re more likely to go on a date with someone who can cook.
  • It’s a top trait for potential partners along with being kind and having a good sense of humor. 
  • And even if you are not doing the cooking, food can play a role in the outcome of a date.
  • 65% of people say if a meal is bad on a date, the date will be bas as well.
  • 72% say the date will be better if the food is good.

But going out to a meal with a date can also clue people into some red flags about a potential mate.

  • 56% say that if a date is rude to staff they won’t get a second date.
  • 52% say the same about someone who eats with their mouth open.
  • An additional 47% say it’s as no-no if a date eats off their plate without asking.
  • Plus, 27% are turned off if a date doesn’t tip well, and another 26% say the same for a date who orders too many cocktails. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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