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Bridezilla’s Strict Wedding Rules Include When You Can Have Beer

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

When it’s your wedding, you get to make a lot of the rules, but that doesn’t mean people won’t make fun of them. A bride’s list of “don’ts” for her special day has made its way to Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” section and people are having a lot of fun with it.

She’s included all the things that should be banned from her ceremony and reception and some of them are standard, like no cellphones, especially during speeches. But others are pretty surprising, - and specific - like no flip flops from Old Navy on the dance floor. And she even has rules for when beer drinking is allowed!

Her list of “don'ts” includes:

  • No rubber bands on your wrist
  • No cellphones at the head table (especially during speeches
  • No gum chewing
  • No flip flops from Old Navy on the dance floor
  • No sneaking glow sticks into the wedding
  • No Apple watches allowed
  • No drinking beer from a bottle on the dance floor (only wine glasses)
  • ***Beer is allowed after photographers leave
  • Questions, comments, concerns … not allowed

Redditors have had a lot of fun ripping this list to shreds in the comments:

  • “I think most people would never have thought to bring glow sticks….till now,” writes one user, “and now want to bring them all the more since they are ‘banned.’”
  • “Fitbits are good to go!,” writes another. “You're also in the clear for that knockoff smart watch you found in the discount section. Rock on!”
  • “How are you supposed to do the cotton eyed joe while holding a glass of wine?,” asks another. “Bottle beer is the only good dancing beverage.”


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