Parenting Lessons From Charlie Brown & The Peanuts

The holidays mean the return of “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.” And these holiday specials don’t just bring nostalgia, the Peanuts gang can also teach parents a lot. Who better to learn from than the kids who have been kids for more than 70 years?

These are some of the lessons we can learn fromCharlie Brownand his friends:

  • Having a pet builds character- Sure, having a dog likeSnoopywith alter-egos like a WWI pilot and Joe Cool is a little different than your average pet, but he does make Charlie Brown’s childhood more entertaining.
  • Sometimes dinner is popcorn and jelly beans- It’s all the Peanuts kids and Snoopy could manage at their Thanksgiving dinner and some nights all you can manage is Cheerios and apple slices and there’s nothing wrong with that!
  • You’re never too old for a blanket-Linus’blanket isn’t just calming and cuddly, it’s a useful tool. He uses it to reach things, throw and catch, proving you never outgrow your comfort objects, you just find new ways to use them.
  • Sometimes the only way to win is not to play- Like when you’re trying to talk your toddler out of a meltdown or getting caught up in the mommy wars or even playing football withLucy.
  • Your mental health is important- Talking to a therapist can be helpful, but you’re probably better off with a legit one and not a kid at a lemonade stand-style office.
  • Don’t give up when life hands you a rock- Charlie Brown was handed several rocks while trick-or-treating and we’ve all had one of those days before, but the key is to keep going and not to let it get you down.
  • Sometimes your kids won’t hear what you’re saying- Just like the adults in the Peanuts cartoons, your kids may just hear “wah wah wah” instead of what you’re trying to tell them.
  • Let your kids express themselves however they want- If your daughter wants to be called “sir” likePeppermint Patty,let them go for it!
  • Love is enough to help little things flourish- It may seem impossible, but a little love can go a long way to build up a small child or a tiny tree like Linus’.


Photo: Disney General Entertainment Con

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