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Survey: Americans Reveal Their “Never On A First Date” Foods

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recent survey of 3,000 U.S. adults commissioned bySt. Pierreand conducted byOne Pollrevealed some interesting findings about foods that dating partners may want to skip on a first date. The subject of food and dating is complex and 40% of adults are looking for someone passionate about cuisine and 38% say they are bugged by fussy eaters. 43% said one of their turn ons is being with someone who is a good cook. Here are the types of meals that first daters approved of:

  • Pizza– a safe choice for 24% of those surveyed
  • Burgers– 21% approval
  • Salad– also a 21% approval

The types of foods that the same daters wanted to avoid on a first date were:

  • Oysters– 19%
  • Mussels– 18%
  • Sushi– 17%

When it comes to desserts, brownies were a safe bet with 16% and apple pie was a winner at 15%. 83% of those polled had been on a breakfast or brunch date and 25% of those said that was their preferred time.

  • How many dates does it take for people to eat a risky meal in front of a new potential partner? The survey says four dates and it’s not acceptable to steal food off of their date’s plate until six weeks of dating. When it comes to romance, steak is the winner for marriage proposals at 27% and breakups at 23%.
  • Other fun facts say that 41% of people judged their date on the food they ordered, 45% formed an opinion about eating messily and chewing loudly and 41% said they would judge their date on asking for a “doggy bag” for leftovers.


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