Most Parents Have Been Struggling With Bedtime Over The Past Year

The past year has certainly had an effect on everyone’s day-to-day life, and for parents one big problem they’ve been dealing with is their kids’ bedtime. 

According to a new survey of parents of kids ages three to 18:

  • 49% of parents say since last March they’ve struggled to get their kids to go to bed.
  • 60% say it’s likely due to changing bedtime routines, with 43% saying their kid’s routine has become less regular in the past year.
  • 42% of parnts say that since their kids don’t leave to go to school, they’ve been less strict about enforcing bedtime.
  • Overall, kids in Florida are the most likely to stay up past their bedtime during the week followed by kids in California and Colorado.
  • Florida kids stay up, on average, 33 minutes past their bedtime.
  • Florida parents are also more likely to say getting their child to bed has become a challenge, noting it’s an issue about three times a week. 

And it’s pretty apparent some kids will do just about anything to not have to go to bed when they are supposed to.

  • The survey also uncovered the most creative excuses kids have used to stay up past their bedtime.
  • They include:
    • “Bigfoot is outside his window and he is too scared to go to bed.”
    • “If I go to sleep, the moon will wonder where I am.”
    • “My teacher told us to watch the late-night news as homework.”
    • “He’s a superhero and superheroes doesn't have bedtimes because they have to save the world.”
    • “Had to organize her stuffies so they were comfortable.”
    • “That he is a werewolf and needs to howl at the moon.”

Source:SWNS Digital