Sister-In-Law Threatens To Take Mom To Court Over Hand-Me-Downs

When you have a baby you get a lot of clothes and stuff, and it isn’t uncommon to hand those things down to others when your kid outgrows them. But no mom is obligated to share hand-me-downs, especially if they mean a lot to them, but apparently one woman’s sister-in-law didn’t get the message.

A mom shares on Reddit that her son is now 18, and when he was a child her grandmother, who died when her son was two, made him several knit outfits and hand sewn clothes, which she is keeping for him when and if he has children. She also has her Christening gown, which her grandmother made, as well as a blanket and a bonet she crocheted. 

Now here’s where the issue comes in. The woman’s brother and sister-in-law recently announced they were expecting a baby. The brother called the OP to see if she had kept anything the grandmother made and when she said she did, “he then told me that him and my SIL were talking and they wanted me to give them the baby stuff.” When she “politely” told him no and she was saving the items for her son, he got angry calling her “greedy and selfish,” and her SIL called her “insensitive” saying the brother had nothing from the grandmother and she should give him the stuff.

The woman insists she’s not “budging” from her stance, and her mother even agrees with her. The OP also notes the brother does have some stuff (a blanket and an outfit) from the grandmother, but they just want more, and adds he lost or ruined a lot of his other stuff when he was moving.

  • Anyway, the SIL is still irate and has even threatened to take the OP to small claims court and sue her to get the items. When she asked Reddit if she’s wrong, pretty much everyone agrees she isn’t.
    • Let SIL take you to small claims court to sue for your own property," one person noted. "She'll lose and have to pay costs, too."
    • Another added, “I'm not sure if your brother and SIL are completely entitled or just completely delusional. They're something else, though, that's for sure."

Source:Café Mom