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BuzzFeed Ranked Fast-Food French Fries

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Fast-food chain French fries are always a topic for discussion by fans who rate them good or bad, and BuzzFeed has come up with their own list that range for “meh” to “Masterpiece” in their opinion. You can see for yourself of you agree or disagree with their findings, ranked from worst to first:

Burger King – a little “meh” and can’t keep up with the competition.

Dairy Queen – ok, decent and “forgettable” according to BuzzFeed.

In-N-Out Burger – lackluster, not bad and over-hyped.

Hardee’s – decent with no complaints but nothing special.

Sonic Drive-In – tasty but unremarkable.

Zaxby’s – these are crinkle-cut and could use more seasoning for flavor.

Jack In The Box – come in regular or curly and are crispy and not bad in the flavor department.

Five Guys – rated lower by BuzzFeed than many would agree with, but they get soggy fast due to the extra grease that doesn’t get completely absorbed in the bag.

Kentucky Fried Chicken – the chain claims it has taken 60 years to perfect their fries, but BuzzFeed is not overly impressed.

Arby’s – available in crinkle-cut and curly and are highly rated for their crunch.

Popeye’s – seasoned, salty, crispy and full of flavor.

Shake Shack – crinkle-cut fries with great texture and served salted.

Chick-fil-A – famous for their waffle fries but BuzzFeed feels the portions are a little skimpy.

Taco Bell – their nacho fries are highly rated but are not a permanent menu item as of yet.

Wendy’s – they have a new recipe for the first time in many years and rate very highly with the BuzzFeed crew.

Bojangles – this chain is not everywhere in the US, but have great seasoning and a high level recommendation.

McDonald’s – no chain has ever come close to knocking off the king of fast-food fries and according to BuzzFeed they are still the best in the business and are a “Masterpiece.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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