Barguments - Celebrity Chef Nik Fields

This week on Barguments Beth had a conversation with celebrity chef Nik Fields. As a private chef, her clientele have included TV and movie stars, professional athletes and Snoop Dogg. As an entrepreneur, she launched an artisan food company that ships olive oil, vinegars and spices nationwide.

Now Nik Fields is ready to open her first restaurant in Phoenix, scheduled to debut Jan. 1. It will open alongside her first brick-and-mortar shop to sell goods from her business Chic Chef Company and other Valley brands. As a 43-year-old Black woman who started her culinary career only four years ago and is opening her first restaurant during a pandemic, Fields feels like the variables are working against her. But she also feels that after years of putting her dreams on hold, now is her time.

Listen To Beth's Full conversation below and check out the Chic Chef here.

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