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The Top Food Trends Of 2020

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While 2020 certainly wasn’t a typical year, it didn’t stop folks from eating. In fact, most were probably eating and ordering food in more than ever. So, what was everyone chowing down on?

  • Well, GrubHub just released their annual “Year In Food” report, analyzing millions of orders placed by more than 30-million diners on its platform to see what rose in popularity.
  • It seems folks still can’t get enough of the spicy chicken sandwich, which tops the list as the overall Top order of 2020, up 318% over last year.
  • In fact, it was such a big deal for one person that they placed a single order of 135 chicken sandwiches.

Top Ten Foods of the Year

  1. Spicy chicken sandwich: 318% more popular
  2. Chicken burrito bowl: 299% more popular
  3. Chicken wings: 287% more popular
  4. Waffle fries: 221% more popular
  5. Cold brew coffee: 206% more popular
  6. Steak quesadilla: 164% more popular
  7. Iced latte: 157% more popular
  8. Fish and chips: 146% more popular
  9. Strawberry shake: 131% more popular
  10. Roast beef sandwich: 126% more popular

Other tidbits from the report:

  • Acai bowl is the top breakfast food, up 303%.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake is the top late night snack, up 303%
  • French Fries are the top side dish, up 629%
  • Apple Pie is the top dessert, up 330%
  • Beverages also saw a huge increase, with drink orders rising 30%
  • The top drink order of 2020 is the pumpkin spice latte, up 487%.
  • Cocktail orders rose 300% with a Mangonada the top drink (up 278%), followd by th Pina colada (up 223%).
  • Vegan and vegetarian orders only grew by 13%, with New Yorkers the most vegan-friendly.
  • The most popular vegan order was a tofu spring roll, up 263% over last year.
  • The most popular vegetarian order was apple pie pancakes, up 297%.


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