Friendsday Wednesday - Fredericksburg, Virginia

This week the dart landed on Fredericksburg, Virginia. We started looking for small businesses in the area and saw a toy manufacturing company called ZOLO Toys. The name sounded fun so we decided to give them a call. My producer Andrew Babinski accidentally called the wrong number and we called a local bank instead. We started talking to Amy at the bank and we find out her husband Ray works for Zolo Toys. We got the number for Ray and made our next call to find more about Fredericksburg and this local toy company.

Ray thought it would be best that instead of talking to him we talked to the founder of the company Byron. He turns out to be an amazing guy and his toy company has an amazing story.

Find out more about Zolo Toys here and listen to the entire conversation below.

Zolo Toys Friendsday Wednesday

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