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Cadbury Is Hiring Taste Testers

Someone pinch me right now! Wait don't cause that hurts BUT there is a job opening that is literally my dream job - chocolate taste tester - according to Bustle!

Cadbury who makes chocolate especially for Easter time is hiring taste testers. Along with Cadbury, Oreo and other similar companies are hiring taste testers to make sure their products are up to par!

"Chocolate tasters will work part-time for around eight hours a week, earning £10.75 an hour, according to Business Insider. That works out to about $14.32, for those of you who don't have your calculators handy. Almost fifteen bucks an hour to taste chocolate."

Imagine getting paid to eat chocolate - or getting paid to eat the amount of chocolate you already do!

Here is what you will be doing per their website:

So now where to I sign up?! You can HERE!

S'mores Oreos Are Heading To Grocery Stores - Thumbnail Image

S'mores Oreos Are Heading To Grocery Stores

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