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Is Chronic Social Media Use As Bad As Drug Addiction?

New York Post

There is a new study out that has found that "chronic social media use" is just as bad as drug addiction and gambling according to the New York Post. The study was conducted by Michigan State University

"Around one-third of humans on the planet are using social media, and some of these people are displaying maladaptive, excessive use of these sites,” says lead author and MSU assistant professor Dar Meshi in a statement.

How can you prevent it from getting bad? Limiting your use for one and also how you use it.

"I believe that social media has tremendous benefits for individuals, but there’s also a dark side when people can’t pull themselves away,” Meshi says. “We need to better understand this drive so we can determine if excessive social-media use should be considered an addiction.”

Take a minute and think about how you use social media and for how long. Maybe find ways to cut down or even to readjust it. 

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