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These Will Be The Most Popular Baby Names Of The Next Decade

Picking a name for your baby can be a challenge and soon-to-be parents often use baby name lists for inspiration or to help them avoid choosing the most popular name at the time. No one wants their little girl to be one of five Olivias in her kindergarten class, after all. But now the experts at Nameberry, the website dedicated to all things related to baby names, have come up with a list of what the most popular baby names will be in 2028, so you can plan way, way ahead.

In a decade, Nameberry predicts Charlotte will become the most popular girls’ name, thanks to that adorable Princess Charlotte, no doubt. And aside from the royal family influencing parents’ choices for their offspring, David and Victoria Beckham are also trendsetters because their little girl’s name, Harper, is set to steal third place in 2028.

These will be the top 10 most popular girls’ names for 2028, according to Nameberry:

  1. Charlotte
  2. Amelia
  3. Harper
  4. Emma
  5. Olivia
  6. Evelyn
  7. Mia
  8. Aria
  9. Ava
  10. Sofia

And for the boys, the name that’s expected to take the top spot is Liam, followed by Mateo and Maverick.

These are Nameberry’s picks for the top 10 most popular boys’ names for 2028:

  1. Liam
  2. Mateo
  3. Maverick
  4. Noah
  5. Lincoln
  6. Lucas
  7. Henry
  8. Theodore
  9. Jaxon
  10. Oliver

Nameberry also predicts the names that we’ll be seeing less of in the next decade. Names like Ashley, Rachel and Jasmine are expected to slowly fade out for girls as well as boy’s monikers including Brendan, Sean, and Jayden.

Source: Harper's Bazaar

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