Have Parents Ruined Halloween For Their Kids?

  • One “New York Post” writer is blasting parents for taking the fun out of Halloween
  • She says “greedy” parents are accompanying kids and ruining their good time, not to mention begging for candy along with them
  • She claims they have used the holiday to “relive their own childhoods” 

As we previously told you, a recent survey reveals that 86% of parents admit to eating their kids’ Halloween candy, but it turns out, that’s not the only way parents have found to ruin Halloween for kids. 

As folks were inundated with trick or treaters last night, many likely encountered what one “New York Post” writer is calling the “greedy” parent, the ones who are accompanying their kids all dressed up and ruining their kids’ good time, not to mention grabbing treats along with their toddlers.

“As I remember, half the thrill of Halloween was that it felt like a 'no-adults-allowed' night,” the writer muses. “There was something magical about running from house to house with friends, with parents keeping a respectable distance. So why are moms and dads now joining their kids on doorsteps?”

The writer blames helicopter parenting on them having to be out trick or treating so close to their children, and argues that all this hovering is “siphoning their fun, and using the holiday as an excuse to relive their own childhoods.” The writer adds that by adults taking candy along with their kids you're, “teaching your kid the holiday is all about taking from others — and abdicating your own responsibility in the candy-giving cycle.” 

Finally, the writer notes, “Face it, grown-ups: You’re too old to beg for 'free' candy from your peers. The good news? The next day, it’s at least half-off at every drugstore, and you actually have the cash to pay for it.”

Source: New York Post

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