Is It Really Okay To Pierce Your Baby’s Ears?

  • These days some parents, like Kylie Jenner, are getting their babies’ ears pierced when they are still newborns
  • Doctors warn against it, noting that elective procedures on kids should be delayed until they can care for their own health
  • The number one concern is infection, but there are also allergy worries, scar tissue can develop, and in some cases the skin can even heal over an earring back 

Do you remember when you first got your ears pierced? For a lot of people they were probably about eight or nine and can still remember the pain. But these days some parents, like Kylie Jenner for example, are erasing that childhood trauma for their kids by getting their babies’ ears pierced when they are still newborns, but is that really a good thing?

Well according to doctors the answer is no. The American Academy of Pediatrics warns against elective procedures on kids, noting that things like ear piercings should be delayed until a child can care for their own health. The main worry is for infections, particularly for infants less than 90 days, with weak immune systems. And there’s a good reason to be concerned about infections, because even with adults infection and discharge can occur in 24% of ear piercings.

“There isn’t really a specific age [recommendation for ear piercing] as long as it’s performed carefully and cared for conscientiously,” Dr. Corey Wasserman, a pediatrician at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, tells the "New York Post," although he adds, “infection in infancy is the number one concern. Any time an otherwise healthy infant [aged less than 3 months] gets any sort of infection usually warrants hospital admission and antibiotics for 48 hours.” 

  • Other causes for concern include allergic reactions to jewelry materials, scar tissues, and even in some cases, earrings that are too tight can cause the skin to heal over an earring back, and that could require surgery. Of course, with the exception of allergies, these problems can be prevented with proper care from parents, using rubbing alcohol and antibiotic ointment, and turning the back of the earring.

Source: New York Post

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