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Woman Records As A Man Harassed Her While Jogging In Scottsdale, AZ

This is horrifying and disgusting. 

Her name is McKenzie and what she experienced is something NO woman should go through. 

She was jogging in Old Town Scottsdale faced a scary situation as a man driving a dark colored truck harassed and followed her during her work out. 

She took video of the entire ordeal and posted to her personal Facebook. The video has since gone viral and many are trying to find the person responsible for the harassment.

You can hear the man in the video yelling at her saying "You've got me parking in the street!" 

McKenzie is heard replying... "I need you to stop following me right now,"

Her entire Facebook post reads as below:

have been whistled at, Cat called, had cars full of men honking at me while I go out for a run but never have I actually been followed deliberately. Until today....This man pulled up to me asking me to come over to his car and when I wouldn’t he continued to follow me. At first I sort of laugh in this video because I wasn’t totally sure what was going on. Until he started making comments about my appearance and physic is when I was getting mad and to be honest scared. What you don’t see on the video is me telling him multiple times To please stop following me and me looking at other cars saying “I don’t know this man” and nobody helping. 

Even a car full of women just drove around and laughed. 

When you see something like this happening please DO SOMETHING. Girls, let’s watch out for each other. Don’t be the girls that just drove away and laughed. Be the girls that stop it. Men, just because you aren’t touching her you can still harass a woman by your actions and words. 

Luckily it didn’t escalate to worse. Which isn’t always the case for some women. When he started parking his car to get out is when I ran the opposite direction to get away from him but I have no doubt he would have followed me my entire run if he could. 

I live in a safe neighborhood. I wasn’t showing my butt or my Cleavage. I had a crop top on but it’s almost 85 degrees. I wasn’t flirting with him. I wasn’t smiling at him or giving him false hope that there was a chance i was interested. I was ignoring him minding my own business. Then when he didn’t leave I was sternly telling him to leave me alone and he wouldn’t....

Men, Don’t be this guy. And girls: don’t let guys like this harass you. Run away, report it, call the cops. Do what you have to.

Stay strong McKenzie! This should NEVER happen to any woman now or ever.

See the Snapchat videos below:

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