Ariana Grande Cleverly Promotes Christmas-Themed Hit Song In New Post

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Pop artist Ariana Grande took to social media to promote her 2014 Christmas-themed hit song “Santa Tell Me.”

In a 10-second clip, the songstress puts or mimics putting on various makeup products, presumably from her popular cosmetics brand {r.e.m. beauty} including powder and lip gloss. She also twirls and dances to the catchy tune, embodying all of the holiday cheer fans expect from the bubbly entertainer. The personal video reminds fans of how they would sing and groove to the song, too, if they were listening to it in their own rooms.

Although some might already consider it a classic despite being released nine years ago, most listeners can agree Ariana Grande's "Santa Tell Me" is a modern holiday anthem. It effortlessly blends festive cheer with a touch of romance.

Not to mention, the fun single showcases Grande's vocal prowess and songwriting finesse with its catchy melody and upbeat tempo that make it an instant favorite for holiday playlists.

Ariana Grande has a number of exciting upcoming projects lined up in the near future. Most notably, the multitalented star is set to star in the 2024 film adaptation of the renowned Broadway musical Wicked. She will be playing the role of Glinda, the “good witch.”

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