The Best ‘Shopping City’ In Arizona

Beautiful smiling young Asian woman carrying a shopping bag, standing outside a boutique looking at window display in a shopping mall in city. Sale season, festive shopping atmosphere

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It’s the holiday season! For many of us, it’s also giving season, and that typically means soon we’re going to be shopping ‘til we drop.

Just in time to grab gifts for friends and family, Cheapism has created a listicle highlighting the best "main street" shopping districts in all 50 states.

Although digital shops have an edge over traditional, brick-and-mortar shops when it comes to convenience, in-person shopping is an experience unlike any other for unique reasons.

There are few things more personal than shopping for oneself or for someone close to you. It’s an opportunity to get to purchase a present that means more than a monetary value. It has the potential to create memories that could be embraced for a lifetime and even beyond if the special item passed down as an heirloom. In a sense, physically shopping for the perfect gifts is like choosing on your own terms who you want to remember you and what they want to remember you by.

“With big-box stores, megamalls, and online sellers dominating the retail landscape, the pleasure of shopping at mom-and-pop stores in a quaint, small-town Main Street shopping district is getting harder to find. But every state has a few such homespun settings left. Here are some of the best downtown shopping districts in the country — each in a town with fewer than 90,000 residents. (More than half are home to fewer than 10,000 people, and some claim populations in the triple digits.)”

The best place in town for shopping in Arizona is Bisbee:

“The border town of Bisbee has a hip, artsy vibe in stark contrast to its rugged, unforgiving surroundings. The historic downtown has resisted encroachment from big-box stores and remains sprinkled with galleries, shops, and nightlife and entertainment venues. A thriving arts scene has helped lure a generation of transplants who now call Bisbee home.”

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