Beth McDonald Women of the Year Winner - September 2022

This month's winner .... Margaret Travillion

Nominated By: Tami Jurisch 

I nominate Margaret Travillion. Margaret is the CEO of a non-profit organization that serves individuals with disabilities through their lifetime. She has been passionate about providing high quality care to everyone who needs support, not just those that can afford it. Through the pandemic, Margaret was able to provide services, keep the doors open and prevent lay-offs by modifying how we operated. She handled all the emergencies and ever changing requirements with grace and integrity. Margaret continues to show true empathy and compassion for her staff and consumers. Working with individuals with disabilities can be taxing and Margaret has always been a beacon of light for her staff, always offering support/guidance. This is why I nominate Margaret Travillion.

For Being the September qualifier you get 

A two-night stay and $100 Resort Credit at ADERO Scottsdale. Check them out at

And you Now Qualify for our Grand Prize 

$7,500 from Shea Homes with homes in 15 Arizona communities. Learn more about Shea Homes at

Listen to Beth's Presentation of the nominee above.

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