This Is Arizona's Weirdest Tradition

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever been to a cook-off for roadkill? How about a meat raffle? Some states have pretty strange traditions that have us a bit confused.

24/7 Tempo compiled a list of famous, unique, and even weird traditions in each state. The website states, "24/7 Tempo reviewed media sources, state and city websites, and cultural resources to compile a list of famous and weird traditions in each state."

According to the list, the weirdest tradition in Arizona is frying eggs on the sidewalk. I have to be honest- that doesn't sound very sanitary. But one town does this every July 4th. The website states:

"It’s no secret that it gets really hot in the summer in Arizona. Frying eggs on the sidewalk when the concrete is hot has grown to be such a popular activity that the city of Oatman hosts a Sidewalk Egg Frying Contest every Fourth of July. There is a catch, though. The concrete is never actually hot enough to fully cook an egg, so people use magnifying glasses and mirrors to help the process."

A full list of famous, unique, and even weird traditions in each state can be found on 24/7 Tempo's website.

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