9 Arizona Eateries Land On Yelp's 'Top 100 Taco Spots In The US'

Photo: Getty Images

You can make every day Taco Tuesday if you try hard enough. There are tons of great tacos spots across the US to get your fix, and nine of the country's top 100 taco spots are right here in Arizona.

Yelp released a list of the top 100 taco spots in the US. The website states, "No matter what type of tacos you prefer, there’s something for everyone on our list of the Top 100 Taco Spots in the US."

According to the list, nine Arizona restaurants have tacos that reign supreme. Here are the state's top taco spots, along with their rankings:

  • 21. Cocina Madrigal - Phoenix
  • 25. La Bamba Mexican Grill Restaurant - Phoenix
  • 31. Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinaloa - Phoenix
  • 49. Tres Amigos - Arizona
  • 62. El Super Taco – Phoenix
  • 67. Just Tacos and More - Phoenix
  • 73. Taco Culture Taco Shop Arizona - Phoenix
  • 83. 143 Street Tacos - Arizona
  • 87. Nanys Tacos - Arizona

Check out the full list of the top 100 taco spots in the US on Yelp's website.

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