Barguements - B&B Cocktail Lounge in Scottsdale


This week Beth caught up with Haley Bauer the General Manager, B&B Cocktail Lounge. The is the opening of the new B&B Cocktail Lounge – a standalone spot, born from lively steakhouse Bourbon & Bones in Scottsdale. B&B Cocktail Lounge is a distinctive cocktail experience -- relaxing and lingering is encouraged.( right up Beth's alley )

The concept was born from the lively steakhouse Bourbon & Bones with a cocktail scene that has a life of its own, which grew as more bourbons and whiskeys were added to the menu -- #600, the largest variety in the Southwest! B&B Cocktail Lounge delivers handcrafted beverages -- you don’t need to leave hungry.  Chef Taz has created a 5-star menu of gourmet small plates that share the spotlight. The extravagance quotient goes as high as guests desire.

Listen to Beth's full conversation and Check out B&B Cocktail Lounge




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