99.9 KEZ Has Officially Flipped The Switch To Christmas Music

It may be the start of November... but it's officially the start of Christmas in the valley!

99.9 KEZ has flipped the switch to continuous Christmas music... which means it is officially the holiday season for the greater Phoenix area. KESZ-FM made it's annual switch to Christmas music Thursday, Nov. 4th, at 7:30AM.

“The last couple of years have given us all different perspective on things – work, family, our connection to others. The Christmas Music gives us connection to our past, to other people, and it also gives us hope for the future. Most of all, Christmas Music just feels good!” said KEZ Program Director Paul Kelley .

99.9 KEZ will play continuous Christmas music through Dec. 25th, 2019!

You can listen to continuous Christmas music 24/7 on air & on the free iHeartRadio app below:

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