Beth's Wine Pick: Left Coast Cellars White Pinot Noir

9-10 Left Coast Cellars White Pinot Noir

Retail Price: $20.99

Beth Price: $17.99 Save $3 per bottle this week at AJ's Fine Foods

Tasting Notes: Unique and bold, a blend that combines the beauty of a Pinot Noir with the brightness and acidity in white wine. White Pinot pairs perfectly with grilled sockeye salmon, oysters, asparagus, and stone fruits. Soft gold/yellow in color displaying aromas of honeysuckle, vanilla shortbread, and ripe pear. Its palate is rich and round, with inviting flavors of dried apricots, peaches and cream, and pineapple, finishing with a dry mineral finish.

A simple snack of Rainier cherries and goat cheese is another ideal combination for this versatile wine.

Listen below to hear what Beth had to say!

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