Beth's Wine Pick: The Show Malbec

7-30 The Show Malbec

Retail Price: $16.99

Beth Price: $12.99 Save $4 per bottle this week at AJ's Fine Foods

Tasting Notes: This Malbec comes from two very special regions within Mendoza, Argentina. 85% of the wine comes from the acclaimed Lujan dec Cuyo sub-region from a vineyard called “El Alto”, which is 3,000 feet above sea level. This region brings dark fruit character and broad ripe tannins to The Show Malbec. The other 15% of the Malbec comes from the Uco Valley, which is south of Lujan dec Cuyo, yet closer to the Andes Mountains and at an even higher altitude. This region adds Malbec with more acidity and complexity. The Show Malbec was aged for 9 months in 25% new French oak.

Listen below to hear what Beth had to Say!

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