Oscar Mayer makes bacon-scented shoelaces, really not a joke!

On Friday, Oscar Mayer announced that it has created bacon-scented shoelaces and will be giving them away to fans for a new sweepstake. 

The brand — famous for its processed meats and Wienermobile — launched the giveaway on social media on Friday to celebrate Nike’s Air Max Day, when the shoe company re-released its Air Max Bacons. 

According to the contest rules, Oscar Mayer will be giving away 1,500 pairs of the scented shoelaces. 

Fans who are 18 or older just have to tweet the hashtags #OscarCookMyKicks and #Sweepstakes before April 1 to enter.

Winners will be randomly selected "on or about" April 2, the contest rules say.

Story Here: https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/oscar-mayer-bacon-scented-shoelaces

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