Tucson ranks No. 3 for cheapest rent in the U.S.

So where is the cheapest rent in the U.S.? Much of it is found, unsurprisingly, in the Midwest and the South. To determine where to find the cheapest apartments, Rent.com studied the average January 2021 rental rates for every city with a population of over 50,000 and sufficient inventory for all unit types (studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom).

Among the Arizona cities to be ranked in the Top 50 for cheapest rent in the U.S., Tucson ranked No. 3, Mesa ranked No. 16, Tempe ranked No. 20, and Phoenix ranked No. 30.

No 1 - Springfield, MO

Full Story: https://www.rent.com/blog/cheapest-rent-in-the-us/#50-cheapest

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