Some Things People Won’t Do Again After Life Gets Back To “Normal”

A new British poll, which could easily translate here, finds:

Many folks admit how they do things may be changed forever due to the past year.

  • For example, 80% of people say they don’t plan to share items with other people anymore.
  • 73% believe they will now always maintain a social distance from people they don’t know.
  • 25% don’t know if they can deal with being surrounded by people in a busy bar ever again
  • 19% of people won’t stand close to people while chatting.
  • 20% don’t plan to shake someone’s hand again.
  • 40% say they will be comfortable refusing a hug from someone. 

So when do people think things will go back to “normal?”

  • Well, the average person doesn’t expect life to return to normal for 12 months after lockdowns are lifted and vaccines are given to all adults.

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