Beth's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

Bottles of olive oil on shop shelf, close-up

First Day of Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils Spanish Import

An Excellent Gift for the Culinary Enthusiast, these rare oils are available in limited quantities, and the bottles themselves serve as a canvas featuring a different artist each year. First Day of Harvest 2020 Extra Virgin Oils by Castillo de Canena “Every fall we eagerly await the news from our friends in Jaén that the olive harvest has begun. We know this means that the prized First Day of Harvest oils will soon be hitting our tables. Castillo de Canena's limited edition First Day of Harvest oils are made from olive fruit that has been culled in those precious first 24 hours, fruit at the absolute peak of flavor and freshness. Castillo de Canena harvests all of their fruit early, when it is unripe and yields less oil, and this oil is of uncomparable quality and complexity.

Every year the Vañó family chooses a Spanish artist or celebrity to design a label for these bright cherry red bottles, and this year they have chosen the best Spanish rally driver in history, Carlos Sainz. Sainz is loved and admired for his charisma and his sportsmanship.

The First Day Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil is well-balanced with intense green notes of green grass, green almond, green banana, artichoke, and green tomato, and finishes with aromatic mint. The First Day Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an elegant oil with sweet flavor notes of green grass, unripe and ripe fruit, artichoke, green almond, and green banana, and finishes with a good balance of bitterness and piquancy.

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Happy Holidays

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