Florida and Arizona host most popular domestic destinations

Recent Tripadvisor site data shows Key Largo, Florida is the fastest recovering destination, up 71% from last year.

Top (and bottom) Thanksgiving Travel Destinations for 2020, based on year-over-year hotel interest

Fastest Recovering Destinations

1. Key Largo, Fla. (+71% YOY)

2. Sedona, Ariz. (+50% YOY)

3. Key West, Fla. (+36% YOY)

4. Scottsdale, Ariz. (+28% YOY)

5. Naples, Fla. (-2% YOY)

6. Clearwater, Fla. (-8% YOY)

7. Palm Springs, Calif. (-13% YOY)

8. Myrtle Beach, S.C. (-14% YOY)

9. Charleston, S.C. (-17% YOY)

10. St. Pete Beach, Fla. (-21% YOY)

On the flipside, New York City is the slowest to recover, down 80% over last year, followed by: New Orleans, LA (-75%), Los Angeles CA (-62%)

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