Americans are more stressed than ever this Thanksgiving season

A survey by HelloFresh found that 53% of respondents say Thanksgiving will be twice as stressful this year because of coronavirus, with one in ten not even celebrating.

52% said they feel pressure to make this Thanksgiving absolutely perfect.

56% of respondents are planning to have a video call with their family if they can’t see them in person.

18% will be cooking their own Thanksgiving dinners for the first time this year.


1 Grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner - 37%

2 Serving a dry turkey - 25%

3 Not making enough of a side dish - 20%

4 Not thawing the turkey out in time - 19%

5 Buying a turkey that’s too big to fit in the over - 19%

6 Burning a pie - 17%

7 Using salt instead of sugar for the cranberry sauce - 16%

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