Top Baby Names Right Now

BabyCenter has just come out with their list of the Top Baby Names for 2020

Sophia once again is the top name for girls, a spot it’s held since 2010.

Liam is tops for boys for a second year in a row.

Thanks to the negative connotations associated with the name, Karen has dropped 153 spots on the list.

Tech is also responsible for the decline in a name, with the name Alexa, given to Amazon’s voice-activated device, dropping 121 spots this year.

Top 10 Girl Names For 2020

  1. Sophia
  2. Olivia
  3. Riley
  4. Emma
  5. Ava
  6. Isabella
  7. Aria
  8. Aaliyah
  9. Amelia
  10. Mia

Top 10 Boys Names for 2020

  1. Liam
  2. Noah
  3. Jackson
  4. Aiden
  5. Elijah
  6. Grayson
  7. Lucas
  8. Oliver
  9. Caden
  10. Mateo

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