Most Americans Are Not Keeping Up With Their Health Routines

A new survey finds:

  • 60% of Americans say that over the past few months they’ve fallen off their health and wellness routines.
  • Three quarters of those polled wish they had a better wellness routine.
  • Many see the fall as a time to set new goals for their health.
  • The top three areas most want to focus on include:
    • Physical fitness
    • Sleep habits
    • Healthy diets

So, what has been getting in the way of Americans sticking to a health routine?

  • 33% have been seeking unhealthy food for comfort.
  • 31% admit to stress eating.
  • 30% chalk it up to having too many yummy foods and snacks in the house.
  • 30% doesn’t think it matters because no one will see them.
  • 27% are having a tough time keeping a routine at home.
  • And it’s not just physical health with 25% saying their mental health has been impacted.

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