Teens Are Into Chick-Fil-A, TikTok & More

According to a new Piper Sandler survey, conducted from August 19th to September 22nd:

  • Snapchat is still teens’ favorite social media site, although TiTok is now at two followed by Instagram.
  • Teens report spending 12 hours per week on social media.
  • Teens spend 34% of their daily video time on Netflix, with YouTube coming in second.
  • Chick-fil-A is the favorite fast food chain amongst teens for a sixth straight year, with 21% saying it’s their fave.
    • As for the remainder of the Top Five, it includes:
    • Starbucks (10%)
    • Chipotle (9%)
    • Dunkin’ (4%)
    • McDonald’s (4%)
  • For teens who consume plant-based foods, Impossible Foods is their top brand (18%)
  • Lays chips is the preferred snack brand amongst teens. 
  • And when it comes to phones, 86% of teens currently have an iPhone.
  • What’s more, 89% expect that their next phone will be an iPhone.
  • Those numbers are an all-time high for the survey.

The survey also looked at what teens care about these days.

  • The number one concern among teens is racial equality, with the environment coming in second.
  • 48% of teens think the economy is getting worse, up from 32% last fall.

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