These Items Are Driving Up Your Bill During The Coronavirus Crisis

Senior Woman Shopping For Fruit And Vegetables

According to a recent report, grocery prices went up 4.5% in June as compared to February, the month before the coronavirus crisis began

24/7 Wall Street has analyzed changes in the consumer price index from February to June to determine which grocery items have gone up in price the most

Top Ten Food Items Driving Up Your Grocery Bill

  1. Beef and veal (+22.7%)
  2. Pork chops (+19.8%)
  3. Citrus fruits (+10/3%)
  4. Chicken (+9.4%)
  5. Frankfurters (+8.8%)
  6. Potatoes (+8.7%)
  7. Ham (+8.7%)
  8. Peanut Butter (+7.9%)
  9. Dried beans, peas & lentils (+7.4%)
  10. Canned vegetables (+6.4%)

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