What Americans Would Gladly Give Up To Never Pay Taxes Again

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A new survey by Republic Wireless asked Americans what they would be willing to part with if it meant never having to pay taxes, and the answers were a bit surprising

Things people are willing to give up to never pay taxes include:

Watching sports (42.5%)

Playing video games (39.7%)

Beer, wine, cocktails (37.2%)

Playing your favorite sport (28.3%)

Working out (22.3%)

Eating dessert (22.3%)

Pizza, burgers, sushi or whatever is your favorite food (18.7%)

Sex (12.3%)

Watching TV (12.0%)

Traveling (9.0%)

Listening to music (7.7%)

But there are some things folks aren’t willing to part with to be tax-free.

Only 6.2% would give up their cellphone.

Only 5% of people would be willing to give up their car.

And the same small percentage would be willing to give up their best friend.

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